To Maine for the Summer

In mid-June we returned to Maine USA for several months for ongoing medical treatment for Dale. The gradual reduction of medication for his auto-immune disease is going well and he hopes to be off meds later this year. Medical follow-up in Maine will be required every six months for a year or two.

2020_09 Boothbay ME
We will also be able to see our children and one grandson (now 2 yrs.) during July. Each household will be with us for differing lengths of time, but all of them will overlap at our place for 3-4 days. We zoom with them weekly but haven’t seen them in-person since our 2019 Christmas break. So we are excited!

While in the US we plan to carry on with our TMC leadership ministries remotely. Dale will continue coaching the newly formed Worship Team leaders, coming alongside the pastoral and missionary staff, and leading the new ministries Facilitator Team. Ann will continue compiling monthly prayer requests, sending out a monthly ladies connection newsletter, and planning for Christmas children’s events. We are also continuing a baptismal preparation class for one young lady. And we will be virtually joining Sunday worship services and Wednesday prayer meetings. In addition Dale will be remotely teaching 10 one-hour class sessions for his “Contemporary Theology” class at Japan Bible Seminary.