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Asia Profile

The structure and a good portion of the content that follows is reworked from the Preface by Bong Rin Ro in Asian Christian Theology (2019). This post is also at

Asia has a population of 4.6 billion or 60% of the world’s 7.9 billion people (Oct 2021). There is debate about whether to divide Asia into five or six regions and what to name the regions. For this profile I will consider Asia to have five regions, with the understanding that if Asian Russia (northern and eastern Russia, sometimes called Siberia or North Asia) were to be included the number would be six: East Asia (sometimes Northeast Asia), Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and West Asia (or Middle East). The EFCCM is currently engaged in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and West Asia.

Asia is characterized by diversity of racial, cultural, historical, and religious backgrounds. Percentages of adherents vary according to sources consulted, with about 22% of Asians identifying as “unaffiliated,” but all contemporary religions are present in Asia and all were birthed in Asia: Hinduism (25%), Islam (24%), Buddhism (12%), Christianity (7%), Jainism, Sikhism, Shintoism, Judaism, Confucianism, and Taoism (World Atlas, 2018). Confucianism and Taoism are often not considered religions. Other than the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) Asian religions tend to be animistic. Read More…

Laying Plans for Passing the Baton at TMC

  • Dale has been invited to continue teaching his annual one semester theology course at Japan Bible Seminary in modular format for as long as he wishes. This would require one or two trips to Tokyo every year.
  • We are being encouraged to continue serving as EFC of Canada Mission Asia Ministry Coaches. This would require at least half-time commitment, even though we are currently trying to do it on a part-time basis (inadequately). This too requires several trips to Asia each year.
During these 4-6 week Asia trips we would be based at our vacation house in northern Japan near Sendai, traveling from there to Tokyo and other places in Asia as required.

So after moving our primary home base to Maine we are anticipating continuing our Asia missionary ministry, often working out of our secondary home base in Japan.

But in view of personal unknowns such as Covid and our health (we are doing well now!), and the ministry unknown of whether an English ministries pastoral couple can replace us at TMC, we hold our plans lightly, confident only in our loving and majestic triune God.

Our house in Maine USA
2020_11_10-2 house

Our house at “Takayama by the Sea” near Sendai Japan

Dale's Health, COVID-19, and Ministry Implications

StLukes 6
On Feb 11 Dale was admitted to St. Luke’s Hospital in Tokyo with a high fever, severe joint pain, and bacterial pneumonia in both lungs. Read More…

From Asia Director to Asia Ministry Facilitators

2019-10-2  HongKong
The term “Area Director” was replaced with “Regional Ministry Facilitator” during EFCCM’s 2019 restructuring. This new emphasis on collaborative leadership aligns well with the five priorities of our EFCCM Asia leadership ministry: communicate, care, network, equip, and recruit. Read More…

Visit to Chiang Mai as Asia Director

Our first trip was to Chiang Mai, Thailand for six days in late Jan. What a privilege to connect with missionaries engaged in Christ-centered ministry in another Buddhist country! We hope we were able to encourage them.

For the first half of this year we will likely be traveling to various countries on a monthly basis as Dale walks through his learning curve.

Dale becomes EFCCM Asia Director

In January 2019 Dale became the part time Asia Director of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission. Read More…

EFCCM Japan Retreat

2017_09 EFCCMJ retreat 1
We are thankful for the encouraging first ever retreat for Japan personnel of our agency, the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission, Sep. 19–23. We hosted the 13 people at our vacation house in northeastern Japan.

It was a time of refreshment and connection, providing a glimpse of the EFCCM’s desire to care for its personnel. We were especially grateful that our Tokyo Multicultural Church colleagues from ReachGlobal and the EFC Macau Mission could join us. And we are thankful that our Ministry Fund was healthy enough to cover the housing costs of the retreat.


The opening pages of the Bible depict a rural context and the closing pages a city. This means we are on a journey toward a heavenly city.

Now, when we think of cities, we imagine masses of people—and that might not thrill us. But this future city will be very different than our cities. For example, one central feature of the heavenly city is its river, which flows down the main street. On both of its banks is planted the single tree of life (Rev. 22:1-2). So this city built by God seems much like a garden. It is qualitatively different from any city we have seen. Read More…