Jun 30, 2021

Tokyo Multicultural Church

2021_04_18 Lucas-Hannah
On May 30 TMC members invited Lucas & Hannah to join TMC staff as our part-time English ministries pastoral couple. About a week later they responded positively. Click here to see more about this story.
  • GIVE THANKS that the Lord has led Lucas & Hannah to TMC!
  • GIVE THANKS that their prior ministry in Asia with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, their own multicultural personal history, and their education have uniquely prepared them for pastoral ministry at TMC.
  • Because Lucas & Hannah are bi-vocational and will therefore be part-time at TMC, PLEASE PRAY that the Lord will lead us to another part-time pastoral couple who can join Lucas & Hannah to form an English ministries pastoral team at TMC.

To Maine USA for the Summer

On Jun 21-22 we returned to Maine for our scheduled several months in the US for ongoing medical treatment for Dale and to spend some time with our children.
  • GIVE THANKS that the gradual reduction of Dale’s corticosteroids for his “polymyalgia rheumatica” disease is going well. PLEASE PRAY that he might be off those meds later this year.
  • GIVE THANKS that we will be able to see all of our children (3 + 3) and our 1 grandson (now 2 yrs.) during July. Each household will be with us for differing lengths of time, but all of them will overlap at our place for about 4 days. We zoom with them all weekly but haven’t seen them in-person since early Jan 2020, so we are excited!
  • PLEASE PRAY that we will be able to carry on with our TMC leadership ministries remotely: coaching the newly formed Worship Team leaders, coming alongside the pastoral and missionary staff, and leading the new ministries Facilitator Team.
  • GIVE THANKS that Dale was able to teach the first part of this year’s Contemporary Theology class at Japan Bible Seminary by zoom from Maine on Jun 27-28.

Thank you for Praying for the Tokyo Littles! – PTL #162