Sep 2021

In late October we are scheduled to return to Tokyo after a few months based in Maine USA.
During 2020-2021 TMC has gathered mostly by zoom throughout four “states of emergency” in Tokyo, with the latest one lasting from April through September. GIVE THANKS that we have been able to develop a minimal on-line format for “doing TMC.” PRAY that as TMC begins to meet in-person once again starting October we will be able to facilitate the Lord’s work in new ways appropriate to our new Covid-aware reality.
TMC’s budget covers monthly facility rental and our Japanese pastor Moto’s salary. But weekly offerings over the past year have taken a hit because of our online-only format. So TMC has become more dependent than expected upon TMC’s church planting fund at EFCCM. PRAY that we will make good financial decisions so that TMC will be able to become self-supporting in the next year or so.
GIVE THANKS that God has called Lucas & Hannah to help pastor the English ministries at TMC. They are bi-vocational so are doing part-time ministry. PRAY that the Lord will lead us to another part-time pastoral couple who can join them to form an English ministries pastoral team at TMC.
GIVE THANKS for a young woman who is blossoming in the Lord and who we are preparing for baptism. PRAY for her continued spiritual growth and for the practical planning of her baptism later in the fall.
We have been hoping to pass the baton to the next generation of leaders at TMC sometime in 2022, while continuing a mentoring role with them from a distance. Lord willing, we would continue serving as EFCCM Ministry Coaches in Asia and Dale would continue teaching theology part-time in Tokyo in modular format. But the date for this kind of change has become a moving target, due to the need for TMC leaders, a decrease in TMC offerings, and Covid. PRAY for wisdom to discern God’s perfect timing for our transition out of TMC. We would like to leave only after TMC has good pastoral leadership and financial stability.

Thank you for Praying for the Tokyo Littles! – PTL #164