The purpose of Dale and Ann's lifetime ministry based in Japan is to model and encourage BOTH the vision for making disciples of Jesus Christ through compassionate church planting AND the development of evangelical theology from which that vision rises.

Church Planting
Jesus Christ commanded his followers to make disciples. Paul obeyed by proclaiming the gospel, founding churches, and then nurturing those churches. Church planting lies at the heart of God's mission.
Theological Education
God’s mission as it unfolds in the New Testament has a significant ecclesial component. Therefore thinking theologically about church planting has great potential for encouraging and equipping church planters.


Ann and Dale are ServeBeyond (EFC of Canada) missionaries based in Tokyo JAPAN and Maine USA.

Their primary ministry is church planting: leading and establishing Tokyo Multicultural Church (TMC)—an Evangelical Free Church—that they launched in their neighborhood in April 2013.

They also serve as Asia Region Coordinators for ServeBeyond, coming alongside, encouraging, and networking ServeBeyond personnel in at least Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan.

In addition, Dale teaches theology in Japanese part time at Japan Bible Seminary (Tokyo), a well known evangelical seminary in Japan.
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