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Our primary financial resources for church planting and theological education ministry in Tokyo come from churches and individuals who choose to financially support our missionary work.


Tokyo is an expensive place to live so we find ways to keep costs down. But our ministry budget is still high. It covers salary, rental housing, ministry expenses, medical insurance, EFC of Canada Mission allocation (13%), etc.

We are grateful that in 2016 our ministry budget of CAN$135,700 / US$108,000 was fully met.

A big thank-you to our faithful ministry support team!

Our 2017 ministry budget is CAN$130,100 / US$103,000.

Ministry items not included in our ministry budget are covered through special financial projects. These are usually one time or limited time projects.


(1) Tokyo Multicultural Church Fund: Church Planting Startup and Leadership Development

(1.A) TMC Church Planting Startup. Goal: up to CAN$1000 per month.

This fund provides some of the funding required for launching and establishing Tokyo Multicultural Church, especially rental facility costs. These are the kinds of expenses that a new church struggles with during the first years of its life. Initial facility rental costs include damage deposit and realtor fees, usually amounting to 4-6 months of rent. Ongoing rental costs, including utilities, are about CAN$3000/mo. The goal is for TMC to cover its own facility rental costs after 5 years.

Church planting startup funds may be applied to future TMC church planting projects.

Monthly contributions come from TMC partner churches or individuals, and one time contributions from other churches and individuals. A TMC partner donates CAN$150/US$110 per month over a four year period, renewable (e.g., 2016-2020, 2018-2022, etc.).

(1.B) TMC Leadership Development. Goal: CAN$20,000.

Tokyo Multicultural Church is seeking future pastoral and missionary leaders, and encouraging current leaders. We anticipate these leaders to be younger, often needing financial assistance for continuing theological studies, initial moving and setup costs, etc. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial encouragement for them.

Leadership development funds may be used to provide such financial assistance as:
  • A monthly stipend of 10,000 yen (about CAN$120) for leaders studying at an accredited seminary while serving at TMC, to be reviewed annually.
  • A one-time contribution to the theological education costs of TMC leaders.
  • A one-time sum for moving or setup costs of TMC leaders.

(2) Tokyo Disaster Preparedness Fund: CAN$6800

As of June 2018 this project is complete. THANK YOU!
Click here for a report.

Purpose: To prepare the following three places for three possible Tokyo area disasters.
1. Littles’ Apartment (2 people + 2): food and water for 5 days, toilet substitute, food heating equipment, helmets, personal cleanliness supplies, blankets, generator (shared with TMC). CAN$1900.
2. Tokyo Multicultural Church (20-30 people): food and water for 5 days, toilet substitute, food heating equipment, helmets, personal cleanliness supplies, blankets. CAN$2400.
3. Takayama Retreat House (2 people + 2): food and water for 5 days, toilet substitute, food heating equipment, helmets, personal cleanliness supplies, blankets, generator, storage shed. CAN$2500.

Context: The megacity of Tokyo is situated in an area prone to earthquakes and flooding. In addition, an eruption of Mt. Fuji, an active volcano 100 kilometers west of Tokyo, would seriously affect the residents of Tokyo. The Tokyo metropolitan government is encouraging all residents to be prepared for the following three predicted triple disasters: earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic eruption. Five days of emergency supplies are recommended for families. This is becoming a requirement for businesses, including organizations like churches.

Disasters have provided opportunities for sharing the love of Christ in practical and effective ways among people in Japan who are not usually open to the gospel. We do not look forward to disasters, but if one hits we want to be ready to clothe our church planting ministry with practical Christ-centered compassion.
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Donations to our EFCCM ministry can be routed through the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM) or ReachGlobal (EFC of America international mission).

The EFCCM applies an 11% allocation fee to each donation. ReachGlobal assesses an additional 5%. So if you are resident in the US and do not need a US tax deductible receipt (e.g., you are a church), then it is wisest to route your donations to our ministry directly through the EFCCM.

If you would like to give a personal gift, please contact us directly using our online form on this site. Personal gifts given through either the EFCC or the EFCA will become donations to our ministry account and cannot be used for our personal purposes.

Giving From Canada
Box 850 Langley Stn. LCD 1
Langley, BC V3A 8S6 CANADA
TEL 604-513-2183 or 877-305-3322

To donate online to our foundational Ministry Account #2-2280 at EFCCM, select "Little, Dale & Ann" from the Designation drop down list. If you mail a check to the EFCCM, please note our names and our ministry account #2-2280.

To donate online to our Special Projects Account #2-2302 at EFCCM, select "Other" from the Designation drop down list. In the text box that appears, insert "Dale & Ann Little, account #2-2302" and then the name of the project, e.g., "TMC Partnership."

Giving from USA
901 East 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55420 USA
TEL 1-800-745-2202

On the online giving page at ReachGlobal (EFCA), select "Other" from the Designation drop down list. In the text box insert "Dale & Ann Little, EFCCM." If you would like to contribute to one of our special projects, please send us an email after you donate or use the contact form on this site, telling us which project (e.g., "TMC Partnership Fund") so that we can track your contribution through the system.

(From the EFCCM: "Spending of funds is confined to organization approved programs and projects. Each restricted contribution designated towards an organization approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that, when the need for such a program or project has been met or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the organization, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such program or project will be used where needed most.”)