Dale and Ann Little
Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission

JEMA Presidency Turnover

Since 2008 Dale has served as the voluntary, part-time President of JAPAN EVANGELICAL MISSIONARY ASSOCIATION. At the annual meeting in February 2017 he turned over his JEMA leadership responsibilities to a capable missionary executive team, with Nathan Snow as the new President.

2016_03-2 Plenary
Our leadership team has enjoyed numerous lighter moments!

During those nine years Dale transitioned JEMA from one full time office manager to four wonderful part time staff; moved the JEMA office to a new and more spacious location within the Ochanomizu Christian Center building in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; arranged for a new JEMA website and webmaster; refocused the annual meetings from leaders and business to networking and equipping (“JEMA Connect”); expanded the JEMA executive team; and rewrote JEMA documents to reflect JEMA’s current leadership model (“Constitution and Appendix”).

There is always more to do in helping JEMA network, encourage, and equip its members. But Dale sensed that his role as a catalyst in establishing a fresh and relevant leadership foundation was more or less complete in early 2017. He would now like to focus more intentionally on church planting and publishing about church planting theology.

May God use the current visionary and gifted JEMA leaders to further his kingdom in Japan that so desperately needs Jesus Christ!

JEMA networks and equips its approximately 900 members to make disciples of Jesus Christ through its leadership team, commissions, representatives, and endorsed ministries. JEMA is composed of over 40 Japan based mission agencies and their personnel, other missionaries or tentmakers who do not belong to those agencies, and individuals living outside Japan who are interested in reaching Japanese for Christ.

Ann and Dale's Transition To Tokyo, Jan 2013

Much of Dale's focus in January was on Tokyo ministry: renting an apartment in Sumida-ku, teaching his last modular class of the year on Contemporary Theology at Japan Bible Seminary, and as voluntary President of Japan Evangelical Missionary Association leading board meetings and planning sessions in preparation for JEMA's annual consultation and business meetings Feb 25-27.

We moved out of our Sendai apartment on Jan 28 and into our Tokyo apartment on Jan 30. We will be unpacking cardboard boxes and getting settled in for the next month or so--all the while carrying on ministry.

The Lord miraculously provided an apartment for us, perfectly located for our upcoming church planting project: Tokyo Multicultural Church (TMC). The apartment complex is owned by the city of Tokyo, reasonably price, relatively new, spacious by Japanese standards, and is earthquake proof to the highest level possible. Tokyo is trying to make this particular apartment complex of 253 units a model. Typically, foreigners are not fortunate enough to qualify for moving into one of these apartments.

We are excited about working with our core group of believers who will form the nucleus for TMC. We have lined up a number of core group team meetings in February and March at our apartment. The English Department of Musashino Chapel Center (an EFC) will hold a commissioning service for the TMC core group on Easter Sunday March 31. What a great day to send out a group of people to plant a new church! Our hope is to launch TMC in April. We are looking for an affordable and conveniently located facility to rent.