Dale and Ann Little

Jun 25, 2018


* GIVE THANKS for donors who have contributed about US$4500 over the past several years to our Disaster Preparedness project in our Ministry Expansion Fund. That financial project is now complete. So we have purchased helmets, emergency food and water supplies, blankets, lights, toilet alternatives and supplies, two generators, and one storage shed. Some of these supplies require ongoing purchases (water, food, batteries, etc.). The items are stored in three accessible locations, including TMC.

Tokyo, the world’s largest megacity, is prone to disasters such as earthquakes and flooding. In addition, an eruption of Mt. Fuji, an active volcano 100 kilometers west of Tokyo, would seriously affect the residents of Tokyo. It is predicted that there is a 70% possibility of an earthquake directly hitting Tokyo within the next 30 years.

So the Tokyo metropolitan government requires companies and organizations to be prepared for earthquakes, tsunami, and volcanic eruptions by having five days of emergency supplies ready. Our large apartment complex’s Disaster Preparedness Board, of which Dale is a member, has implemented its own plan. We have too.

Tokyo Disaster Prevention Website (English): http://www.bousai.metro.tokyo.jp/foreign/english/index.html
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Japanese people are the second largest unreached people group in the world, with the Christian population of Japan being less than one percent. So of the approximately 40 million people in greater Tokyo, over 39 million do not know Jesus Christ and most have never met a follower of Christ. Natural disasters have provided opportunities for sharing the love of Christ in practical and effective ways in Japan.

* PRAY that we will be able to clothe our church planting ministry with practical Christ-centered compassion when natural disasters strike.

Thank you for Praying for The Littles! – PTL #134